Weight Locker Olympic Steel Plates


Weight Locker Premium Olympic Steel Plates with handles and powder coated black. 20KG, 10KG and 5KG pairs.

100% made in the UK. Each plate has a bar hole of  2 inches which fits standard Olympic lifting sized bar

UK Delivery Only 3-5 business days, delivery cost will be calculated at checkout.

Plate Sizes

2-inch Standard plates

20KG – 406mm 

10KG – 289mm 

5KG – 208mm

Powder Coating

Our plates are powder coated as an additional finish. Powder coating is one of the most common types of paint application, it forms a protective finish that is much harder than conventional paint.  

Powder coating is applied electro-statically and then cured under heat over a period of time.

How accurate are our plates?

Our plates are within 1% of the stated weight and are programmed with our in-house 6KW Fiber Laser cutters ensuring the highest possible levels of accuracy.