Weight Locker™ Speed Skipping Rope

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Professional speed skipping rope great for MMA, Crossfit & Boxing fitness skip workout training. With carrying bag and easily adjustable rope to suit your needs.
  • Weight Locker Speed jump rope
  • Aluminum/PVC/Steel Wire
  • 3m
  • Crossfit, MMA, Boxing, Skipping
  • Carrier bag
  • Adjustable length rope
  • Unimpeded universal shaft
  • Hollow Aluminum Handles
  • Durable High Strength Steel Wire

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Key Features

Designed for durability with stainless steel ball bearings so you can toss on the gym floor or get wet without worry. The speed of the rope means a lower jump height if you can time it correctly.  A great choice for any level trying to practice and improve double unders.

Adjustable Length Rope

Easily adjust the length of rope by loosening the screw, moving the screw to the correct length and tightening once again.

Can you double under?

Double unders made easy with our Crossfit Skipping rope. The ball bearing creates an effortless swing motion while jumping to ensure efficient movements. Tag us on insta @weightlocker or use the hashtag #canyoudoubleunder to be featured.