Weight Locker Suspension Training Straps

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The Full Workout Bundle Set Suspension Trainer utilises your body weight as resistance while lifting and pushing your body in various ways.
  • Pull rope (Adjustable)
  • Door Anchor
  • Suspension Anchor
  • Extended belt
  • Sports Ring
  • Mesh Carry Bag

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The P3 Full Workout Bundle Set Suspension Trainer has positioned itself up at the top out of all other suspension trainer on the market! With suspension training you basically use a smart rope system to utilize your body weight as resistance while lifting and pushing your body in various ways. Which makes it great for working out the full body since it is not limited to one body part and you can adjust your workout to workout any body part you would want.

Suspension Training

It works by suspending from a band or rope hanging from above, and assuming different body positions to target the different muscle groups throughout your body. 

Package Included

Pull rope(Adjustable), Door Anchor, Suspension Anchor, Hexagon wrench, Extended belt, Sports Ring and a Mesh carry bag.