We have partnered up with Run01 to supply bespoke running training plans that are completely tailored to you...Run01 will co-ordinate with your personal routines and lifestyle to create a training plan to fit your needs.

What is the product?

It's effectively a tailor-made training plan for runners, encompassing both running training and strength training to help runners improve. As they're bespoke, the work starts after the sale - we get to know the client and build the plan thereafter.

How does it work?

Upon purchase, we send the client a short questionnaire to understand they're training goals, how often and long they plan to train, any other training they'll be doing, etc. so we can build a truly bespoke plan that suits their needs. Once Run01 receives the training plans back, it takes 7-10 days to build out the plan.


The plans are either 8 week, 12 week or 16 week long, with the pricings as follows:

8 week: £30

12 week: £40

16 week: £50