With kettlebell workouts growing in popularity, many users will choose to learn the basics with an instructor or personal trainer at the gym, and then continue working with kettlebells in the privacy of their own home. This means there is a growing number of more affordable kettlebell products on the market.

Cast Iron Kettlebells

Cast iron kettlebells are the entry level product in this field. They are also viewed by many to be the 'classic' kettlebell style. They offer the best value for money and can often be purchased as a package with a range of weights. Usually this type of kettlebell will be one single piece of metal made from a single mould.

Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

Not only does coating the body of a kettlebell with vinyl make the product more attractive, it also protects both the metal core of the vinyl coated kettlebell and the floor from being damaged. Coloured coatings are also useful for weight differentiation in gyms.

Urethane Kettlebell

For the kettlebell enthusiast looking to invest in quality a Urethane covered kettlebell might be the best option. The layer surrounding the core of the kettlebell is strong and incredibly shock absorbant, which is great for both the kettlebell itself as well as your floor. This is the standard choice for high-use gym facilities because they keep looking fresh, while cheaper models will look tired after a certain length of time!

Competition kettlebells

Competition kettlebells are all a standard size and shape regardless of the weight of the kettlebell. These are great for users who have used kettlebells often and have developed their technique. The wide base is also perfect for performing floor based exercises.

Competition Kettlebells, which are made of steel are often called "pro" quality. The alternative is standard cast iron kettlebells, which are usually cheaper. Both are available in a full selection of weights.