Dan Williams

Weight Locker Ambassador

  • Born:

    Bristol, England

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In my bag you will find- A Tupperware container full of chalk, Squat and Deadlift shoes and a 13 mm weightlifting belt (on leg days) a custom made ribbed foam roller, a lacrosse ball, thick gray band(s), an orange moderate band(s), orange and red microbands, Voodoo bands, BFR bands for occlusion training, versa grips, therabands, and more.  

On my rest day- I like to do cardio on my rest days, typically year-round, not necessarily just for cardio’s sake but I tend to read really well while on the elliptical or ark trainer.   

My motivation comes from- The fulfilment that I get from making a positive change or influence in someone else’s life. I don’t necessarily look for or need external motivation to do what I do. That said, seeing those around me succeed in business and life definitely gives me motivation.   

For those wondering what motivates me to go to the gym, I’d have to say I’m fortunate that I require no motivation to lift weights because it’s such an engrained habit - one that I’m lucky to truly enjoy.   

I did my time in the trenches; in 2011 and 2013 I tracked my food intake extremely meticulously leading up to my natural bodybuilding competitions. What this did was create and strengthen my understanding of food and the macronutrients in different foods and different quantities of food. In 2016, while barely even physically tracking my diet (it was mostly mental), I got into my best, leanest, and most aesthetic physical shape ever.   

Every year, I actually get more relaxed and flexible with my eating habits despite my physique improving, as I accumulate more experience and self awareness. Therefore, each year requires less effort and motivation to “stay in shape.”I think the same story applies to many of my followers and peers, and it can one day apply to you too.