The Evolution of The Weight Locker™ Dumbbell

Evolution of the Dumbbell

Dumbbells are arguably one of the most important pieces of gym equipment that any home or commercial gym must have - ask yourself when was the last time you walked into a gym and didn’t see a full rack of dumbbells… yes you said it - never!. If you think back to when you first started training I guarantee dumbbells were one of the first pieces of free weight equipment you ever used, and for good reason! Dumbbells have been around since the 17th century and have stood the test of time, and the reason for this - they work! Dumbbells have formed a huge part of not just weight training but exercise in general and can be used to train practically every single muscle group in the body. 

Dumbbells come in all shapes and sizes and here at Weight Locker there’s no exception. The newest addition to our dumbbell range however may have caught your eye already, our Weight Locker Premium Steel Dumbbells. There are a number of differences between these and our old school profiled steel dumbbells and we want to showcase exactly what these are below.

Engraved logo

Our new premium range comes finished with our logo and the weight engraved on both sides. 


If you haven’t heard the term “knurling” before you will know exactly what we are talking about from the below picture. Knurling is the crosshatch pattern you see on dumbbells and barbells and is designed to increase friction and therefore grip on the bars. Especially handy (Excuse the pun) on heavier dumbbells and barbells. Our premium steel dumbbells are complete with top grade knurling for extra grip.

Premium Zinc Finish

The dumbbells come with a tough zinc finish which provides a solid layer of protection for the metal from moisture and corrosion. The Zinc finish also ensures the mental has its bright sleek finish.  

British Steel / Made in the UK

Our premium dumbbells are made from high quality British steel right here in the motherland. Yes our dumbbells are 100% made in the UK and we are proud of it.

Bespoke/corporate designs

You can see an example below of our most recent bespoke/corporate design we made for a local engineering company. If you are interested in a quote or have a design/gift idea in mind then just let us know!

Thanks for reading along, if you have any questions just let the team know!