Weight Locker Yoga Mat Alignment System

All you need to know about our Eco Yoga Mat Alignment System.

The term alignment is defined as “the arrangement in a straight line or in correct relative positions”. In yoga this relates to the ideal way that a particular pose should be performed and the way that your joints position themselves. When considering the above statement however experienced yogis and yoga teachers are well aware that these are only guidelines and there is a lot of variance between our bodies. The term alignment is more so referred to as a process rather than an end result. Everybody is unique and not every position or pose will look or feel the same and that's okay.

With many different styles of yoga it can at first be intimidating and confusing when starting out as a beginner, but there is a wealth of knowledge out there on the internet, the fact you are reading our blog shows you are keen to learn. So take a bit of time to do some research and you will be a yoga pro in no time. With time you will be able to understand the different styles, techniques and their thoughts on alignment. When starting out it is best not to over complicate things, with time you will form your own understanding of these different aspects and decide which one best suits you. But always ensure you are warming up and seeking professional advice where necessary as injuries are the last thing you want when starting out. 

You will always hear people say don't compare yourself to others and ensure you concentrate on how the pose feels for you as opposed to how it might first look. Finding the right balance between the two is extremely important as how you do a pose does matter both in how you feel and how it looks and that's where our specially designed alignment system comes into play. It helps you easily understand where you are at with specific lines that help you perform poses safely. Without the correct alignment you put yourself at a much greater risk of injury, here at Weight Locker we strive to provide not only the highest quality materials but also the best tools to help you perform exercise safely and yoga is no different. 


Weight Lockers Alignment system 

As we have established proper alignment is key, as it not only helps you perform poses properly but also helps you do them safely. Our specially designed alignment system not only ensures you are placing your hips, shoulders, feet and arms in the best positions but also that your height, width and distance is on point. Here we will run through what each of the position lines are, what they are used for and why they are so valuable for optimising performance. 

Central Line

This is the line that runs down the middle of the yoga mat and is the backbone of the alignment system. This line creates the basis for not only starting positions like the mountain pose but also for many other positions/moves. It allows you to ensure you are standing parallel on the mat and that your hand placement is parallel and symmetrical when required. The central line helps ensure you are symmetrical and parallel and you will find yourself natural referring to it without even having to think about it. 

End to End lines 

The end two end lines have two variations and this is to account for the wide variation in heights as not everyone will necessarily use both. Whichever lines feel comfortable go with them and don't think your hands or feed need to necessarily be directly on them either. If your hands are slightly inside that is also fine, they are another great alignment tool for poses such as the downward facing dog. They ensure you are aware of where to place your hands evenly during these poses.  

45 Degree lines 

These lines are precisely angled so that when you are performing certain moves like the pyramid or warrior 1 you have a guideline as to where your foot should be angled. Again you don't necessarily have to be directly on or inline with this marker but it is there to help guide you in the right direction. 

The alignment system is carefully etched onto the surface of the yoga mat so you can actually feel where the lines are, they're not only useful as a visual aid but also allows you to feel the lines with your toes and fingertips to further ensure you are aware of your placements. 

Reverse points 

When performing moves like the Wheel or the Reverse table top the triangular reverse points are a great marker to ensure your hand and feet placements are not only parallel and symmetrical but also that they are shoulders/hip distances apart. You might be slightly outside the markers or inside depending on your stature and mobility but whatever feels comfortable for you go with it. 

Thanks for reading our blog be sure to keep an eye out for much more to come!